Zenpakt or ZENwalk PAcKage Tools is a complete rewrite of the Slackware pkgtools in BASH.Some of improvements that have been made are:

  • database locking to prevent parallel run
  • backup of files being overwritten or removed for restoration in cases like error in processing packages and interrupts
  • improved option and argument handling
  • improved handling of spaces and other characters in package names and directory names and other inputs.e.g. upgradepkg "downloaded packages/foo.txz" doesnot break
  • upgradepkg no longer calls installpkg and removepkg for each package but makes use of the new shared functions to call functions directly to install and remove.
  • new options in removepkg and upgradepkg to have more control on what gets removed or upgraded
  • improved handling of filenames with escaped quoting used by tar-1.13 and later tars.

See the man pages for more detail about each commands' new features.